Department of Ecology enrolls graduates in the course of Ecology on 6.040106 “Ecology, Environmental Protection and Natural Resource Management”

You are welcome to get Bachelor, Specialist and Master degree on Ecology and Environmental Protection and also on Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Ecological Biotechnology and Bioenergetics in English – the official language of most international environment organizations, the language of technical documentation, computer science, business, politics and tourism.

Education in English gives the chance:
to obtain along with the Diploma of the University a special Certificate in both languages on graduating from the University;
to become proficient in English special terminology;
to find prestigious well-paid job;
to work on probation at educational institutions in different countries of the world;
to participate in international scientific and technical symposiums, conferences, seminars;
to communicate and collaborate with scientists in different countries of the world;
to take part in development of international standards, manuals and other documentation;
to continue education or find a job in any country of the world

Profession of Environmentalsit
is of high importance nowadays as our planet is on the verge of global ecological catastrophe 
is considered to be in a high demand in the nearest future through all over the world as there is no escape from crisis without nationwide efforts on efficient nature management
calls for essential knoweladge-on-demand of the environment and its protection, evolution of life on Earth, human ecology, theory of nutrition, abiotic factors effecting health etc. 

calls for computer technologies based knowledge on a high standard level, involves creative approach to nature preservation for future generations

Environmental Safety Institute Address
Institute  of Environmental Safety
National Aviation University
Kosmonavta Komarova ave. 1, Build. 5/202
Ukraine, Kiev, 03680
Tel. 406 78 90
Contact person:
Dudar Tamara Viktorivna
406 7915
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