Department of Safety of Human Activities

Department of safety of human activities was established on 26 April 2001 on the basis of the Department of Labour Precaution.

The department graduates students of all majors and specialties of the university and engineers of ‘Bachelor’ and ‘Master’ degrees on Major ‘Ecology, Environmental Protection, and Natural Resource Management’.

The following disciplines are taught at the department: ‘Safety of human activities’, ‘Fundamentals of labour precaution’, ‘Civil defense’, ‘Branch labour precaution’, ‘Meteorology and climatology’, ‘Methods and means of biosphere protection’, ‘Fundamentals of the acoustic environmental monitoring’, ‘Environmental Impact Assessment’.
The department is the basic in the area of safety of human activities in Ukraine.

The scientific researches in co-operation with the European organizations and industries’ representatives are carried out at the department. Creative relationships are maintained with universities of Great Britain (Hull University, Manchester Metropolitan University), France (French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks, Lyon), Germany (Dresden University of Technology and Bergische University of Wuppertal) with the department of social and humanitarian disciplines of the Armed Forces Academy (Slovakia), with organizations of Ukraine - ANTONOV Company, State Service of Emergencies, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Infrastructure.
Since 2006 the Scientific-research Centre of Environmental Problems of Airports has been operating on the basis of the department.

The training is performed by teaching staff: 26 lecturers, among which 4 professors and 10 associate professors. Teaching and support staff consists of 9 engineers, technicians and laboratory assistants.

Yours faithfully,
Head of the Department of Safety of Human Activities,
DPhil, Professor O. I. Zaporozhets