Glybin Vitaliy

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Vitaliy Glybin was born in 1945 in Kyiv. V. Glybin received his Master Degree in Radiophysics from Taras Shevchenko National University in 1966. In 1966-1968 he was an engineer of Semiconductor Technology research laboratry of NUK. In 1968-1960 Vitaly was an engineer-lieutenant of air-defence forces in the Far East. In 1971-1979 he worked as Senior Research Scientist in Thermal Physics in the Technical Light Industry Institute of Kyiv. Vitaly received his Ph.D. degree in Theory Basis of Thermal Engineering from the Energetic Institute of Moscow. In 1979-2000 he worked for the Thermodynamics center of the Ukrainian State Oil and Gas Departament as Senior Research Scientist.
The main field of study is experimental and theortical research of liquid-vapour phase equilibrium. From 2000 Vitaly Glybin is Reader in the Heat and Mass Exchange and Techtronic Security faculty in the Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design.Teaches the following courses: “Processes and apparates in chemical industry”, “Theoretical basis of thermal physics”. From 2014 teaches the course “Processes and instruments of biotechical industry” in the National Aviation University. Author of 78 scientific publications and methodical plans including 7 patents.

Kichata Nataliia

Assistant of the Department of Safety of Human Activities

The place of birth: Kiev
The scientific and methodical work.
Graduated from the Faculty of Environmental Protection of National Aviation University, "Ecology and Environment" in 2006 year.
From 2006 to 2009 - studying at the postgraduate school of NAU.
Since 2007 - working at the Department of Life Safety.
The disciplines: "Life safety" and "Civil Protection".

The field of scientific research- an environmental security, a pollution of urban development, an electromagnetic safety.

Publications: more than 10 scientific papers were published.

Pekurovskyi Glib

Assistant of the Department of Safety of Human Activities

Scientific and academic-methodological work.

He graduated from the National Aviation University in specialty “The unauthorized access safety systems” (2009).

From 2010 till 2013 he had been a PhD-student at the Department of Safety of Human Activities.
Since 2013 till present he is an assistant of the Department of Safety of Human Activities.
At the time of being a PhD-student he had prepared the thesis “The adaptive control systems of reducing the vibroacoustic loading using intellectual active methods” for the defense.
Training subjects: “Basic Labour Precaution” and “Civil Defense” delivered in Ukrainian and English.
Area of research: adaptive control systems, active noise reduction.
Publications: he is an author of 15 scientific works.

Yablonska Kateryna

Assistant Professor

She graduated the Institute for Environmental Security, National Aviation University, specializing in "Biotechnology of biologically active substances" qualification biotechnology in 2012.
October 29, 2010 she received the thanks of watch head of Solomyanskiy District in Kyiv State Administration Ivan Sidorov for significant contribution to the spiritual and material values and achieve high professional skills activities.
December 11, 2010 she received a letter of thanks from the rector of the National Aviation University M. Kulik for excellent academic achievement, creative activities, actively participate in the research work and the social and cultural life of the university.
On March 1, 2011 is a specialist category of the Department of Biotechnology. Katya Acting Academic Secretary of the Department of Biotechnology and is responsible for maintaining records and archives.
Field of research related to the study of biologically active substances of plant origin as product functionality. She has 10 scientific papers.
On January 20th 2014 an assistant Department of biotechnology. Teaches subjects: "Technology bioaccumulation", "Biotechnology of crop plants and animals."

Nidialkova Nataliya

PhD, Assistant Professor

Nataliya Nidialkova is an Assistant Professor of the Department of Biotechnology at the National Aviation University, Kyiv. Dr. Nidialkova received her Ph.D. degree in Microbiology from Danylo Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology of the NASU, Kyiv, in 2013. The main fields of study are biochemical and physico-chemical in an enzymology. In particular, search of the new strains-producers of the proteolytic enzymes with elastolytic and fibrinolytic activities, selection and optimization of the nutrient medium by the methods of factorial experiment, purification of the proteolytic enzymes, studying its physico-chemical and catalytic properties, search of the proteolytic inhibitors and activators. Currently, she is also Research Associate at the Department of the Microorganisms Biochemistry of Danylo Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology of the NASU.Dr. Nidialkova is co-author of 34 scientific publications, including 14 articles in professional journals of Ukraine, 18 abstracts and 2 patents. Teaches the following courses for students of English-language project: “Pharmaceutical biotechnology”, “Pharmaceutical drug development”, “Technology of the immunobiological preparations”.

Gosudarska Inna L.

Academic degree: Ph.D. (eng)
Position: Assistant of the Department of Safety of Human Activities

Scientific and academic-methodological work.

She graduated from the Kyiv National Pedagogic University named after M.P. Dragomanov (2002), graduated from the National Aviation University in speciality «Computer systems and network» (2004) and National Aviation University in speciality «Economy of Enterprises» (2008). 

She had worked as Engineer of Educational and Methodological Board (2000-2002) and Engineer of 1 category of the Educational Department of the above mentioned Board (2002) at the National Aviation University.

Since 2002 till present she is Assistant of the Department of Safety of Human Activities. 

In 2013 she defended PhD thesis «Ensuring Ecological Safety of Airports in the Conditions of Aircraft Accidents Impact» at the National Aviation University (specialty 21.06.01 Ecological Safety).

Training subjects: "Labour Precaution", "Branch Labour Precaution", "Safety of Human Activities" delivers in Ukrainian and English.

Area of research: ensuring ecological safety of airports.

Publications. She is the author of over 26 scientific works.

Mikosianchyk Oksana

Academic degree: PhD (candidate of technical sciences)
Academic rank: Associated Professor 
Position: Associated Professor of the Department of Safety of Human Activities

Place of birth: Kyiv

In 1997 she has finished Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv by major "Microbiology".

In 2006 she has defended thesis at National Transpot University by by major 05.02.04 - friction and and wear in machines on the topic "The assessment of tribotechnical parameters of lubricant in bordered oil in condition of the local contact".

Since 2007 till 2011 she had been taking an office of Associated Professor of the Department of Production, Renovation and Material Science of National Transpot University.

Training subjects: "Labour Precaution", "Safety of Human Activities", "Labour Precaution in Branch" in Ukrainian and English.

Publications. She has more than 57 published papers, 1 training manual and 8 patents for invention. 

Konovalova Elena V.

Qualifications/title: PhD (candidate of technical sciences)
Status: Assistant professor of the Department of Safety of Human Activities

Place of birth: Alma-Ata, Kazakstan

Background and professional experience:

She graduated from Kiev International University of Civil Aviation (it is National Aviation University now), Airport Faculty in 1996 with Honors degree.

Specialty is Engineer of construction and maintenance of aerodromes and motor roads.

Theme of degree work: Project of aerodrome reconstruction for airport Astana (Kazakstan Republic) with detailed development of runway extension.

Academic degree is PhD (candidate of technical sciences) in the field of Environmental safety (2006).

Thesis: Development of an Airport General Plan According to the Factor of Aircraft Noise.

From October 1998 till November 2001 she was a Graduate student.

From December 2001 till August 2005 she was an Assistant professor of the Chair of Safety of Human Activity delivering practical lessons on “Safety of Human Activity” and laboratory works on “Basis of Occupational safety” in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Since September 2005 she has been associate professor of the Chair of Safety of Human Activity at the Institute of Environment Safety, National Aviation University.

She is a lecturer for the disciplines: Environmental Impact Assessment, Protection of Labour in Branch (Profession), Basis of Occupational safety in Ukrainian and English.

Since 2005 she has been a head of a working group for assessment of impact on environment from aircraft operations at civil airports in the Centre of Environmental Problems of the Airports (NAU).

Recent projects included Noise Impact Assessment, Noise Zoning and Land use planning for Ukrainian civil airports and aerodromes: Kiev Borispol, Kiev Zhulyany, Kiev Gostomel, Kiev Antonov, Odessa, Lviv, Dnepropetrovsk, Vinnitsa, Simpheropol.

In 2001 she has received a grant for investigations of aircraft noise control at the Department of Environment Regulation and Occupational Safety, Frankfurt-am-Main Airport, Germany.

In 2003-2004 she was granted with the Scholar of Leonhard-Euler-Project Grant for the young scientists for the research project “Recommendations for Designing the General Plan of an Airport According to Noise Conditions” at Technological University Dresden, Germany.

She attended training courses “Aviation Environmental Issues” and “Aircraft Noise and Emission Reduction” in the frames of Twinning project UA/06/PCA/TP/01 “Harmonization with EU Norms of the Legislation and Standards of Ukraine in the Filed of Civil Aviation” in 2008.

From January till November 2009 she held a position of a researcher at Laboratory of Transport and Environment at National Research Institute for Transport and Safety (Laboratoire Transport et Environnement, Institut National de Recherche sur les Transports et leur Securite), Bron, France,

for the Project “Optimization Strategies to Reduce Aircraft Noise and Pollution. Low-Noise Flight Procedures as an Element of Balanced Approach to Aircraft Noise Control”.

In the frames of this project she participated in: 17th Conference “Transport and Air Pollution” (3d Conference “Transport and Environment”) 2-4.06.2009, Toulouse, France; Workshop “Transport and Environment”, 5.06.2009, INRETS, BRON, France, Annual seminar of the Cluster TTS, 8-9.06.2009, Beauvoir-en-royans, France.

1.07.2009 she attended 1st MIME Project Seminar "Freeing up environmental capacity at airports within a managed noise-annoyance framework", Brussels, Belgium.

Since May 2010 she has been involved in the project TRACECA CIVIL AVIATION.

Safety Security and Environment – Aviation Environment Trainings.

In the frames of this project she participated in: 2nd Environmental seminar, 5-9.07.2010, Kiev, Ukraine; Workshop “Technical Assistance on ETS”, 26-27.07.2010, Tbilisi, Georgia; 3d Environmental seminar, 25-28.10.2010, Kiev, Ukraine.

Since 2010 she has been an expert of the working group “Balanced approach and impact” of the International expert network “X-NOISE EV – Aviation Noise Research Network and Coordination”.

Area of research: environmental safety of civil aviation, aircraft noise control in the airport vicinity, airport environmental capacity.

Publications: She is an author of 45 scientific publications and participant of 25 internbational and regional scientific conferences and seminars

Kazhan Kateryna I.

Academic degree: PhD (candidate of technical sciences) 
Position: Assistant Professor of the Department of Safety of Human Activities

Date and place of birth: September 3, 1983, Kyiv

Scientific and academic-methodological work.

She had obtained a master's degree in specialty "Ecology and environmental protection" in Transport Technology Institute of National Aviation University in 2006.

From 2006 till 2009 she had been training at postgraduate course of National Aviation University.

In 2013 she had defended the dissertation on topic "Enhancement of environmental airport safety taking into account impact of aviation noise and emission" (supervisor - Dr.S., professor Tokarev Vadim Ivanovych) and had gained the academic degree of Candidate of Engineering Science (Specialty - "Environmental safety").

From September 2009 till September 2013 she had been holding a position of assistant of the Department of Safety of Human Activities. 

Since September 2013 she has been holding a position of assistant professor of the Department of Safety of Human Activities. 

Training subjects: "Labour Precaution", "Safety of Human Activities", "Civil Defence" in Ukrainian and English.

Area of research: environmental safety of civil aviation airports, acoustic and chemical pollution of air in the airport vicinity, environmental airport capacity.


Publications. Author of six scientific papers. Participant of more than 18 international and regional scientific conferences and seminars. 

Tokarev Vadym I.

Academic degree: Doctor of Engineering Science
Academic rank: Professor

Position: Professor of the Department of Safety of Human Activities
Date and place of the birth: May 25, 1939, Kyiv

Scientific and academic-methodological work.
In 1962 graduated from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, faculty of specialty "Thermal power engineer".
After graduation Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation in 1965 working at National Aviation University.
PhD thesis defended in 1969, specialty 05.22.14 "Operation of air transport".
Received the rank of associate professor in 1971 of the "Aerodynamics and flight dynamics".
Doctoral dissertation was defended in 1990, specialty 05.22.14 "Operation of air transport" on topic "Optimizing methods of aircraft operation using environmental criteria".

Area of research: environmental safety, aviation security, search and rescue, aviation safety, mathematical modeling, aviation acoustics, the optimal trajectory noise on takeoff and approach of the civil aviation, mathematical models of aircraft noise, aircraft air conditioning systems.
Completed researches on the impact of operational factors on the characteristics of aircraft noise in the vicinity of the airport and the acoustic of airborne air conditioning systems.
To solve the problem of reducing aircraft noise used ecological approach that provides maximum safe compatibility and development of civil aviation with the quality of the environment.
Research in fundamental and applied aviation acoustics has been conducted at the university in close collaboration with leading scientific organizations in constructions and maintenance of aviation technics including the Central Aero Hydrodynamic Institute (Moscow), State Scientific Research Institute of Civil Aviation (Moscow), and the Aviation Design Offices of Tupolev, Il’ushin, Antonov, Yakovlev.
Participated in the implementation of scientific and technical programs of the Ministry of Civil Aviation of the USSR, the program of the European Union "SilenceR".
Expert in environmental safety of Ukraine and the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine.
Provides leadership to post-graduate students: 5 defended graduates and one doctoral degree.
Member of the academic councils D26.062.09 and 05.07.01.

Training subjects: aerodynamics, flight dynamics, flight safety, aviation security, aviation meteorology, climatology and meteorology, methods of biosphere protection, acoustic monitoring of environment.

Publications. He published over 140 scientific papers, two inventions, including 6 monographs, 14 textbooks.
The most important scientific publications:
1.Квитка В.Е., Мельников Б.Н., Токарев В.И. Нормирование и снижение шума самолетов и вертолетов.-Киев: Вища школа, 1980, 208 с. (in Russian)
2.Квитка В.Е., Мельников Б.Н., Токарев В.И. Гражданская авиация и охрана окружающей среды.- Киев: Вища школа, 1984, 136 с.(in Russian)
3.Токарев В.И., Мельников Б.Н., Воротынцев В.М. Снижение шума бортовых систем кондиционирования воздуха.- М.: Транспорт, 1986, 136 с.(in Russian)
4.Токарев В.И., Запорожец А.И., Страхолес В.А. Снижение шума при эксплуатации пассажирских самолетов.- Киев: Тэхника, 1990, 127 с.(in Russian)
5.Дідковський В.С., Акименко В.Я., Запорожець О.І., Савін В.Г., Токарев В.І. Основи акустичної екології.- Кіровоград: Імекс ЛТД, 2001, 520 с. (in Ukrainian)
6.Tokarev V.I., Kasperovich G.I., Karpenko M.V. Flight safety.- K.:NAU, 2004, 176 p. (in English)
7.Zaporogezhets O., Tokarev V., Attenborough K. Aircraft noise. Assessment, prediction and control.- London: Spon.Press, 2011, 414 p. (in English)

Awards: He was awarded the honorary title "USSR inventor" (1991), Silver medal "For success in the development of the economy of USSR" (Committee of ВДНХ USSR, 1987 ).