Learning English

In 2006 immersion program was started. The department began to admit students for studying in English in major “Ecology and Environmental Protection”. The work which has been done since then is aimed on development of fundamental basis for running high-quality professional training process. Now the major is called “Ecology, Environmental protection and Natural Resource Management”. The main objective is to make the training process comply with world standards of environmentalists preparing. Over this period of time the staff of the department that could teach in English was significantly increased in number. Textbooks, manuals, tutorials, learner's guide were written and published in English. The work is being continued now because the science does not stand still.
From the very first days of the immersion program and up to the present interest in studying in English has not been going down. Every year the department admits a new group for the immersion program. Students confess that studying in English has its own unquestionable advantages:
Studying in English is a step towards students to meet their needs because not only are they interested in getting undergraduate and graduate degree, but they also interested in broadening their outlooks, their professional mobility, and sources of getting knowledge. Extensive spreading of the internet helps to get information from different sources all over the world. Because of this in the future a specialist who has also a good command of English can always find his place at labour-market.
Educational and methodical edition in English: