Department of ecology

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It is obvious that specialists in ecology and environmental protection are in demand not only in Ukraine but all over the world.
Ecology department runs training process in the area of knowledge “Natural Sciences”. It trains undergraduate students (bachelor degree) in major “Ecology, Environmental protection and Natural Resource Management” and graduate students (master degree) of specialty “Ecology and Environmental Protection”. In addition the department helps to train all other students of the university in ecological sciences.
The department has a lot of experience in international collaboration. Some of its alumnae and professors have had periods of trainee abroad and have ability to take part in the “immersion program”. In this program all academic process is conducted in English. In 2014 the department is starting to train students in new major “Chemical Technologies of Alternative Energy Sources”.
Highly qualified faculty, which consists of 6 professors and 26 associated professors,   provides continuous and consistent academic process, including on-the-job training.   It allows its alumnae to occupy leading positions in different companies and in governmental offices.
The academic process is run in accordance with modern educational techniques, based on ECTS (European Credit Transfer System).  It includes modular structure of the academic process, motivation of the students by setting clear goals, considerable amount of student’s self-study aimed on quick adaptation to Bolognese process.
Scientific potential of the department is constantly putting into action by the faculty on the basis of its own research results and over-year collaboration with our affiliated branches at different research institutions, universities and enterprises.

Truly yours,
Head of the department
Professor Sergii V. Boichenko