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Oil and gas is the main source of energy for needs of mankind and raw materials for polymer materials. As the competition in the oil market is growing, specialists who possess modern technology production and use of various fuels and lubricants are so much needed. They should know the current management of petrochemical business, and be able to independently establish functioning of refineries, gas stations and oil storages. There are many interesting jobs in the world, but everyone chooses only one. If you want to establish your position in a life - the best of this opportunity is to choose a major "Chemical technology of fuel and carbon materials" or "Chemical Technology of Macromolecular Compounds". Oil and it’s products will play a leading role in the resource and energy supply of society not onle today, but also a for long time. Our department is graduating at the indicated majors. The department is highly skilled with advanced chemical technologies of creation, production and application of modern fuels, lubricating materials and macromolecular compounds. Graduates work in companies that specialize in producing macromolecular compounds different functions, and polymeric and paint and varnish materials, in the services of providing fuel and various transport companies, oil refineries, storage depots of fuel and lubricating materials, in organizations of control, certification and quality control of polymeric materials in organizations to control, certification and quality management of polymeric materials, fuels and lubricant materials. Students of the department learn in the new educational building, which housed 30 modern teaching laboratories with laboratory equipment and stands, computer lab with Internet access, multimedia lecture hall, research laboratories, graduate students’ rooms, teaching rooms and cozy dining room. Qualified teaching staff provides an educational process. 26 people (4 doctors, professors, 16 candidates of sciences) works in a team. The training process is done according to the Bologna process and recognized international standards. Graduates receive a diploma of higher education of the state sample and the addition of a European-style DIPLOMA SUPPLEMENT.

Head of Chemistry and Chemical Technology Department
Chumak Vitalii Lukych, Doctor of Chemistry Sciences, Professor